4th of July Sale

4th of July Sale

4th of July sale this week 10% off. Use coupon code “FACEBOOK” at checkout.

Some cool things about our Micro RC Cars

Our toy RC cars contain a high tech, light weight, direct magnetic steering system which gives you accurate fully functional eight way steering control. Steer the car forwards, backwards, left, and right. Ideal for instant reaction racing!
Powered by an inbuilt one third AAA rechargeable battery that charges right off the car’s own remote in approximately 45 seconds!  The tiny RC cars will zip around for approximately 10 minutes!  No matter where you are, you can keep playing for hours on end!!

micro rc car Toy RC Car

Remote Control Car Charging Unit

The remote is simple and effective, running off 2 AA batteries. Up, down, left, right and the charging jack (remember the car charges on the remote.) Very simple, you just pick it up and start having fun!

Your tiny micro car is propelled at an absolutely rapid speed, by a motor half the size of a little finger nail!

Tough body shell which is removable for easy customisation and custom paint jobs

The microracer motor is capable of achieving a scale speed of around 22,000 RPM. Over 360 spins in one second, which means if your micro racer was a normal car, it would be traveling over 160km!

4 Different Frequencies:
Each remote controlled car is on a different frequency which means they won’t will interfere with each other.

Get ready for Micro Racing at its best with these quality mini RC cars.

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