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We offer many styles of Micro RC Cars.   Collect them all!    Race against friends!


Twister Stunt Cars


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Lunar Stunt Vehicles


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Micro RC Cars


Large RC Helicopter


Small RC Helicopter

Micro RC Cars
The Top Selling Mini Remote Control Car Brand
All Shen Qi Wei cars are in stock and ready to ship!

Collect them all!  Race against friends!
Different frequencies so you can race against friends

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TV Price: $24.95
Our Price: $12.95



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All Our Powerful RC Micro Cars Include:

ball.gif (1008 bytes) High performance 2.6 motor with 26,000 RPM.
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Over 8 different styles allowing you to race four people at once.
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Frequencies include 27mhz, 35mhz, 40mhz, and 45mhz.
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Full function 6-way remote control.
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Built in battery recharger which takes 45 seconds to fully charge your car, giving you plenty of racing time!
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Ready assembled and ready to race!
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Fully upgradeable and interchangeable with other cars and parts.
ball.gif (1008 bytes) Real rubber tires for maximum grip.

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